Dump Trailers

Dump trailers make it easy to haul cargo and unload it without spending hours shoveling. From plants and sod to dirt, gravel, and debris, dump trailers offer versatile and reliable transportation for your cargo.

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What Are Dump Trailers Used For?

Most dump trailers are designed to transport loose cargo, such as yard waste, flowers, sod, mulch, gravel, rocks, and soil. They have a wide range of applications outside of landscaping as well, such as home project renovation, waste disposal, and construction.

A dump trailer allows you to load up the bed and unload it easily, making it perfect for jobs that require a large amount of cargo to be quickly picked up and deposited elsewhere.

Picking The Right Dump Utility Trailer

When it comes to choosing the right trailer, you should consider both your cargo and the towing vehicle. Cargo weight, your budget, and even personal preferences play a role in finding the right dump trailer for you.

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Size and GVWR

There are dump trailers for all types of jobs. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum amount of weight a trailer can carry plus the weight of the trailer itself. The typical dump trailer options range from a GVWR of 4,750 to over 10,000 pounds for the heaviest type of cargo. 

When choosing the right size, consider the largest cargo you intend to transport. You will want to consider both the volume and weight of the materials you intend to carry, as well as the impact of the cargo on the trailer’s maneuverability.

It’s important to check the towing capacity of the vehicle you’ll be driving to ensure you choose an appropriately sized trailer.

Lifting Mechanism

There are two primary lift types on dump trailers: manual and hydraulic. Models with manual lifts cost less because they use a manual crank, but they can also be less effective. A hydraulic lift gives you much greater precision, control, and reliability with your dump trailer. 

You should also consider the difference between scissor hoists and telescopic cylinders. Scissor lifts have the highest weight capacity while a telescopic cylinder offers the greatest dumping leverage and can handle imbalance loads with greater stability and precision. 

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Hitch Type

Hitching your dump trailer to a towing vehicle requires two things: understanding the towing structure of the vehicle and knowing how to connect the dump trailer safely. There are two primary hitches available: bumper and gooseneck. Bumper dump trailers connect directly to the bumper of a towing vehicle with a ball that goes into the trailer coupler. 

Gooseneck hitches can be better for large loads, offering greater stability and smoother navigation thanks to the fact they shift weight to the rear axle instead of the bumper. 

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