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What Are Utility Trailers Used For?

A utility trailer is an open, flatbed trailer with multiple hauling uses. Utility trailers are used to transport cargo, equipment, or other items that may not fit inside a towing vehicle. Unlike an enclosed cargo trailer, utility trailers have low side walls, or none at all, and no roof. This extra allowance gives room for them to haul bulky and oversized items with ease. Utility trailers come in multiple sizes and shapes, making them versatile tools for a wide range of applications.

Sizes & Options

As earlier mentioned, utility trailers come in various sizes, as well as varying use applications. You need to understand your usage needs beforehand. Doing this in advance will guide you in choosing the best-suited utility trailer for your specific needs. Utility trailers come in varied sizes starting from small 4’ x 8’ models to large 8’ x 24’ trailers.

Picking the Right Size

When choosing a utility trailer, choosing the right size can be a game changer. You'll need to consider what you'll be hauling to guide you when choosing the right trailer size. You'll want to look at not only the weight but also the length of what you're hauling. If you estimate the overall load length then you'll spare yourself the trouble of spending money on something that doesn’t serve your needs.

When it comes to the size of the load, you'll need to consider the maximum weight and ensure you have the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) for both your car and trailer.

Single or Double-axle

Another important thing to factor in when choosing a trailer is the axle. Different utility trailers offer different axle sizes. A standard 3500 lb axle is often the perfect choice when it comes to weekends out hauling small loads.

However, longer-distance trips with heavier loads will probably require tandem axles. They not only provide enhanced hauling capacity but also significantly improved stability. Each tandem axle has a 3500lb capacity which accommodates heavier loads while also offering an extra layer of protection in case of issues on the road like tire blowouts among others.

Additionally, the brake axle in tandem setups helps in controlled and slow stops, ensuring safety during transportation.

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